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The musings of Brian Slattery: a man, son, brother, boyfriend, friend, and marketer. I'm a Social Media Director with House Party, Inc., an Art/Design and Religion undergrad and Marketing/Advertising MBA. I'm a moth to a bulb for the worlds of advertising, branding & media! My true love: Whiteboards. For more on me, check:
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"No day shall erase you from the memory of time." -Virgil #NeverForget (at Manhattan, New York)

Art (at Chambers St. & W. Broadway Ave.)

Every day could use a water feature. #latergram (at 57th St. & Lexington Ave.)

A different perspective on a laundry-run. #elevator #iphone #steadyhand (at Riverton Square)

Staycation #brooklyn #weregivinitachance (at Fairfield Inn & Suites New York Brooklyn)

#enlightened (at Hastings On Hudson, NY)

#blindedbythelight (at Hudson River Museum)

I’m pretty sure there are laws against being this cute. (at Starbucks)

A new perspective. #lookdifferently

Fractions of a #commute. #startstop (at Yonkers Train Station - Metro North & Amtrak)